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Experts Agree: Leadership, Engagement and Culture are Key to Sustaining Excellent Patient Experiences

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Wed, Apr 23, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

Sustaining Excellent Patient Experiences

Last month, participants submitted several thought-provoking questions during our online patient experience forum, The Critical Components of an Optimal Patient Experience. It was interesting to hear three different responses to each question from our expert panelists, Wendy Leebov, Carol Santalucia and Jason Wolf. Since there wasn’t enough time during our forum to address each question submitted, today’s blog post will be the first in a series to respond to one of the remaining questions related to enhancing the patient experience in our organizations. 

Question: What is the biggest contributor to sustaining excellent patient experiences? 

Response from Wendy Leebov:
The biggest contributors to sustaining excellent patient experiences are culture, driven by senior leadership’s FOCUS, employee and physician engagement, clear expectations and accountability. 

Response from Carol Santalucia:
I agree! I would add that the culture must be driven by leaders who lead with strength and empathy. We must encourage engaged employees who are supported to “live” the organization’s mission, values and service standards. And we need mechanisms that involve patients and families in decisions that affect the delivery of care and service. Ultimately, the culture has to support everyone to own the patient experience. 

Response from Jason Wolf:
My research on high-performing healthcare organizations has reinforced there is not just one contributor to sustaining excellent patient experiences, but rather a balancing need among three critical elements including leadership at all levels, engagement of people throughout the experience continuum and a foundational culture, that is clear on purpose, but remains agile to the changing environment in which healthcare operates. Aligning leadership, people and culture lies at the roots of any successful experience effort. At the end of the day, we are simple, yet powerful human beings caring for human beings - we must approach this effort with that in mind. 

Do you agree with Wendy, Carol and Jason’s responses to the question, “What is the biggest contributor to sustaining excellent patient experiences?” Please use the space below to share your thoughts and check back for our next post in this series coming in May.

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