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Take Your Healthcare Organizational Culture
from Good to Great

Posted by Carol Santalucia
Tue, Jul 1, 2014 @ 1:51 PM

Healthcare Organizational Culture

Great organizational cultures - where do they come from? It’s usually said that an organization’s culture starts at the top. I would agree with this statement. However, I believe great healthcare organizational culture is as much “top down” as it is “bottom up” and also “middle out.” In other words, a great healthcare organizational culture has to come from everywhere

To ensure greatness, everyone needs to be talking about and living your healthcare organization’s culture daily. This means…

  • Behavior standards must be clear and known by everyone in the organization, AND they must be consistent with the culture of the organization.
  • Your culture expectations need to be part of new employee orientation in a way that everyone understands, “this is the way we do things here.” If a new employee does not think they can truly live that culture, it might be better to hire someone else.
  • Storytelling should be utilized - from C-suites telling stories at meetings, to directors sharing during leadership rounds, to managers telling stories at huddles - the message needs to be loud and clear in support of the organization’s culture.
  • All employees need to demonstrate characteristics that exemplify your healthcare organizational culture and need to be recognized and rewarded for doing so. This acts as a great reinforcement of the culture. 

In order to take your healthcare organizational culture from good to great, the most important thing is consistency. These things have to happen day in and day out, with each shift and with each interaction. That’s what makes it challenging, but also what makes your organization a great place to work. And even more importantly, a great healthcare organizational culture helps ensure positive patient experiences. 

Have you seen your healthcare organizational culture positively affect the patient experience?

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