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Responding to Unemployment Claims 101: UC Training for HR & Management

In order to control costs, your HR team needs to know more than just the basics of responding to unemployment claims. CHAMPS' Ohio unemployment compensation specialists can provide the personalized training your organization needs. Our individualized unemployment compensation training covers a broad range of topics you need to know to be successful, from proper documentation techniques to protesting claims to navigating unemployment hearings.

Training seminars include:

  • Who Can Collect and What is “Just Cause?”
    The perfect training for your entire HR team. This introductory training will arm attendees with basic tools necessary for responding to unemployment claims.
  • The Importance of Documentation, Policies and Procedures
    CHAMPS’ training developed specifically for frontline managers, addressing their role in the unemployment compensation process and how to properly prepare documentation for a review commission.
  • Custom Training Seminars
    Did you recently hire a new HR manager or implement an organizational restructuring? Let us work with you to develop a training seminar geared toward your specific needs.

Most training seminars last one-hour with an additional half-hour for our experts to address any questions. We are available to meet onsite or virtually to fit your needs.

When one unemployment claim could cost your company more than $14,000, you need to make responding to unemployment claims a priority. Contact us to learn how CHAMPS can help you take a proactive approach to educating and training your HR team and managers on the unemployment compensation process.