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CHAMPS Cyber Solutions: Collaborative Healthcare Cyber Security

Cyber security is a real threat to any industry, but healthcare organizations are especially vulnerable. Because of the highly sensitive information they house and the high cost typically associated with protecting against threats, a cyber attack on a healthcare organization can be particularly destructive - costing them millions of dollars, damaging their brand and ultimately impacting their credibility. Without proper preparation, this threat will only continue to grow.

That’s why CHAMPS Cyber Solutions offers a shared services model that facilitates maximum cyber monitoring effectiveness while ensuring absolute privacy and integrity for each healthcare client it serves. We do not rely solely on technology solutions to ensure protection for our clients. Our healthcare-focused service is led by experienced cyber experts who partner with each organization we work with to develop unique solutions.

Partnering with CHAMPS Cyber Solutions

Step 1 | We assess your organization’s unique healthcare cyber threats.

Step 2 | We determine where CHAMPS can provide cyber solutions to address your unique threats.

Step 3 | We provide customized, client-centered cyber services to ensure your ongoing security.

Getting started with CHAMPS Cyber Solutions is simple. Contact us to request a proposal today.