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CHAMPS: Your Single Source for Cyber Solutions

Healthcare cyber threats have cost hospitals millions of dollars to date with no end in sight. In fact, without proper preparation this number will only continue to grow. On top of the financial cost, hospital reputations and credibility take a hit whenever cyber security is questioned. But the relative high cost to protect against these cyber threats have continued to limit organizations, exacerbating the problem.

That’s where CHAMPS Cyber Solutions comes in.

Why CHAMPS Cyber Solutions?

When you partner with CHAMPS, we determine where we can address your unique threats by:

  • Offering healthcare-focused cyber services
  • Creating a shared security operations center (SOC)
  • Driving down costs, while increasing protection for your organization
  • Providing customized, client-centered cyber solutions
  • Intelligence sharing with other healthcare providers

Does CHAMPS Cyber Solutions sound like the answer to your cyber threats? Contact us to request a proposal today.