"Working with CHAMPS has been extremely positive. Ann Marie, our dedicated CHAMPS account manager, has been wonderful in her analytics, communications and follow through. After signing with CHAMPS, she activated all of our Premier agreements and in the first four months our hospital saved over $100 K. This has allowed us to make investments in other areas including our equipment and employees."

-- Jackson T. Shatraw, M.A., Th.M., CMRP, Director, Supply Chain, Western Reserve Hospital

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Meet the CHAMPS Group Purchasing Team

The CHAMPS Group Purchasing team takes pride in providing the customized services and lasting relationships required to reach shared goals through consultation, education and collaboration with members and vendors.

CHAMPS Group Purchasing - Tracy

Tracy Wise 
Associate Vice President
216.255.3695 • Email

   CHAMPS Group Purchasing - Jan
Jan Elder 
Director of Contracting Services
216.255.3697 • Email


CHAMPS Group Purchasing Client Services & Business Development

CHAMPS Group Purchasing - Dawn
Dawn Motiejunas
National Account Manager,
Acute Care
216.255.3702 • Email

   CHAMPS Group Purchasing - Myra
Myra Knouff 
National Account Manager,
Long Term Care
216.255.3691 • Email

CHAMPS Group Purchasing - Kelly
Kelly O'Reilly
National Account Manager, Surgery Centers & Physician Networks
216.255.3703 • Email

   CHAMPS Group Purchasing - Maria
Maria Summers
National Account Manager,
Ambulatory Care & Affiliate Groups
216.255.3693 • Email

Rhonda, CHAMPS Group Purchasing
Rhonda Carlson
National Account Manager, 
Home Care & Alternate Markets
216.255.3687 • Email

   CHAMPS Group Purchasing: Trina Gilligan

Trina Gilligan
National Account Manager, 
Free Standing Laboratories & Pharmacies
216.255.3682 • Email

Connor Hurley from CHAMPS Group Purchasing
Connor Hurley
Account Manager, Client Services
216.255.3681 • Email

   Jessica: CHAMPS Group Purchasing
Jessica Woodhams
Field Service Support Specialist
216.255.3683 • Email

Bill Ek
Business Development Executive
216.255.3592 • Email

Jason Hirz
Business Development Executive
216.255.3622 • Email

CHAMPS Group Purchasing

CHAMPS Client Services 
877.476.1777 • Email



CHAMPS Group Purchasing Contract Services & Operations

CHAMPS Group Purchasing - Betty
Betty Desatnik
Manager, Contracting Services
216.255.3701 • Email

  CHAMPS Group Purchasing - Tim

Tim Andrejcak
Manager, Pricing Operations
216.255.3699 • Email

CHAMPS Group Purchasing - Kevin

Kevin Disbrow
Manager, Analytics
216.255.3698 • Email

  CHAMPS Group Purchasing - Christina

Christina Humble
Operations Administrator
216.255.3688 • Email

 Chris Zupancic, CHAMPS Group Purchasing

Chris Zupancic
Pricing Implementation Coordinator
216.255.3705 • Email