"I really appreciate how on top of everything you [Dawn Motiejunas] are. You are incredibly helpful…I’d argue that you’re the best GPO account manager ever."

-- Jenny Erickson, Surgical Materials Coordinator, Walker Surgical Center

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Save on Everyday Products & Services with CHAMPS' GPO Contracts

Between CHAMPS’ relationship with Premier Group Purchasing and their own custom GPO contracts with local suppliers and manufacturers, CHAMPS' members have access to 2,500+ contracts in the following categories: 

  • Food 
  • Facilities
  • Medical Supplies
  • Supply Chain Technology 
  • Support Services

If the Premier portfolio leaves you missing an opportunity to save, the CHAMPS business model fills the gap. CHAMPS' portfolio of nearly 50 custom GPO contracts features manufacturers and suppliers who have a strong regional geographical presence.

Learn more about CHAMPS' custom GPO contracts below. Unique savings opportunities, terms and conditions, as well as service areas can be accessed by contacting CHAMPS Client Services at 877.476.1777 or via email.

* indicates Ohio vendor

Supplier Products
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Alco The Alco-Chem, Inc.* contract with CHAMPS includes housekeeping, laundry and warewashing products.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Alco Sales & Service The Alco Sales and Services Co. contract with CHAMPS includes parts, mobility aids and durable medical equipment.
CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Nickles  The Alfred Nickles Bakery, Inc.* contract with CHAMPS includes all Nickles bread and bread products.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Aunt Millie's The Aunt Millie’s Bakery, Inc. contract with CHAMPS includes bread and bakery products such as buns, English muffins, bagels, croutons and rolls.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Bloom Bakery The Bloom Bakery* contract with CHAMPS includes artisan breads, pastries and catering.
CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Cardinal Health  The Cardinal Health contract with CHAMPS includes Cardinal branded medical surgical products and negative pressure wound therapy disposables / equipment.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Carstens The Carstens contract with CHAMPS includes charting supplies, computer carts and wall mounted workstations.
 GPO-Contracts-County-Fire-Protection The County Fire Protection contract with CHAMPS includes fire extinguishers, hydrotesting, life-safety products and services.
 Custom GPO Contracts: Curvo The Curvo contract with CHAMPS includes software to sourcing physician preference items and spend visibility.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Dairymen's The Dairymens/Oberlin Farms Dairy, LLC* contract with CHAMPS includes milk, dairy fluid, cultured dairy products, as well as seasonal products such as apple cider and eggnog.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts: Dale Medical The Dale Medical contract with CHAMPS includes securement devices, abdominal binders, post-op bras and enteral controllers.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Dukal The DUKAL contract with CHAMPS includes bandages, dressings, gauze, skin integrity and patient-care products.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - EcoLab The Ecolab, Inc. contract with CHAMPS includes housekeeping and related products.
 CHAMPS Custom GPO Contracts: EPIC The EPIC Business Essentials contract with CHAMPS includes office supplies, printing, jan-san, furniture and LED lighting.
FlagHouse  The FlagHouse contract with CHAMPS includes distribution of sports equipment, recreational equipment and special needs products like games and crafts.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Hartmann
The HARTMANN contract with CHAMPS includes bandages, dressings and gauze, as well as incontinence and skin integrity products.
 GPO Contracts: Hepner
The Hepner Air Filter Service* contract with CHAMPS includes air filtration products.
CHAMPS GPO Contracts - IGS  The Interstate Gas Supply, Inc.* (IGS) contract with CHAMPS includes natural gas supply and electricity.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Kent Precision The Kent Precision Foods Group contract with CHAMPS includes Thick-it: pre-thickened beverages and foods, powders and AquaCare products.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Leff Electric The Leff Electric* contract with CHAMPS includes lamps and electrical supplies.
CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Matthews  The Matthews Medical Books contract with CHAMPS includes medical book distribution.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Medline The Medline contract with CHAMPS includes custom procedure trays (CPTs)/packs, gowns and related products.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Metrex The Metrex Research Corporation contract with CHAMPS includes high-level disinfectants, enzymatics, instrument cleaning agents, hand hygiene and deodorizers.
CHAMPS GPO Contract: Morgan  The Morgan contract with CHAMPS includes scrub rental services; rental and laundering services for patient care, foodservice, and housekeeping linens.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - NeutroPhase The NeutroPhase* contract with CHAMPS includes skin and wound cleanser.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - OFS The OFS Brands contract with CHAMPS includes office furniture and modular casework.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Ossur The Ossur Americas Inc. contract with CHAMPS includes orthopedic soft goods, bracing and supports.
 GPO Contracts - Paris Companies The Paris Companies contract with CHAMPS includes service for rental and laundering of patient care and OR linens.
CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Pellerin Milnor  The Pellerin Milnor contract with CHAMPS includes commercial laundry equipment such as washer-extractors, dryers, coin-op machines and more.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Pillow Paws
The Pillow Paws Footwear Solutions* contract with CHAMPS includes skid-resistant patient footwear.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts: Procurement Partners
The Procurement Partners contract with CHAMPS includes e-commerce supply chain solutions for procurement.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Redwood
The Redwood Toxicology Laboratory contract with CHAMPS includes test kits for drugs of abuse and testing services.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Schwebel's
The Schwebel Baking Company* contract with CHAMPS includes fresh baked bread and bakery products available from Country Hearth, ‘taliano, Roman Meal, Sun-Maid, Cinnabon and Schwebel brands.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Sherwin Williams
The Sherwin-Williams Company* contract with CHAMPS includes paint and related supplies.
CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Skil-Care
The Skil-Care contract with CHAMPS includes wound prevention, as well as fall prevention/seating and positioning.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts: Sklar The Sklar contract with CHAMPS includes surgical instruments, surgical blades, instrument cleaners, disposables and sterile kits.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - SMA
The Strategic Market Alliance (SMA) contract with CHAMPS includes paper and janitorial supply distribution.
CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Smith & Nephew
The Smith & Nephew contract with CHAMPS includes PICO single use negative pressure wound therapy system and supplies.
CHAMPS GPO Contracts - SMS
The SMS Healthcare contract with CHAMPS includes janitorial services and management.
CHAMPS GPO Contracts - Spartan  The Spartan Chemical* contract with CHAMPS includes warewashing and related products.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts: SteriGear
The SteriGear contract with CHAMPS offers general urological products and includes Fig Leaf™ drain bags.
The Technology Install Partners contract with CHAMPS includes fire, life-safety, security systems, access control, video surveillance, nurse call and structured cabling.
 Custom GPO Contracts: Texas Health
Texas Health Resource contract with CHAMPS includes supply chain database administration.
 CHAMPS GPO Contracts - UniFirst
UniFirst Corporation contract with CHAMPS includes paper and janitorial supply distribution, as well as uniforms, mats and microfiber.

Contact CHAMPS Client Services at 877.476.1777 or via email to learn how to start saving by taking advantage of CHAMPS’ GPO contracts.