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CHAMPS Oncology Employee Testimonials

 Starla Goodman “CHAMPS Oncology is such a thoughtful company. That’s what I love the most. They truly appreciate and value you as an employee and as an individual. CHAMPS respects and appreciates all of its employees and recognizes them for their accomplishments. I have the opportunity to work with such pleasant people at CHAMPS Oncology…we are like family.”

- Starla Goodman, CTR, Cancer Information Specialist 
 Julie Bell “Everyone at CHAMPS Oncology did their best to help me through the transition – everyone – the entire team helped with my transition. I immediately felt respected and valued by the team at CHAMPS…quite opposite of my fears. Within only a few short months, I was well adjusted and comfortable with everything. Ultimately, as a result of the transition, I was able to explore a new exciting opportunity and challenge that I wouldn’t have explored on my own.”

- Julie Bell, CTR, Cancer Information Specialist

Mary Marshall

“One of my life endeavors was finding an organization, like CHAMPS Oncology, that would help me grow and excel in my chosen profession. After working at a local hospital for years, I decided to apply at CHAMPS which was quickly earning a stellar reputation in the healthcare profession for embracing patient-centered care.  

Now, after being a part of the CHAMPS Oncology team for five years, I witness firsthand how hard my colleagues work to stay abreast of the ever-changing cancer registry industry at local, regional and national levels.

As part of the CHAMPS team, I receive continuous training, accuracy reviews, and encouragement to go above and beyond. As a remote team member, I never feel isolated because I am provided with the technology and equipment to stay connected. No matter where you are located, there are opportunities to participate in countless activities from fundraisers to holiday contests."

- Mary Marshall, CTR, Cancer Information Specialist

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