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Providing Customized Cancer Registry Solutions

Because each cancer program is unique, CHAMPS’ cancer registry consultants provide customized solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. From cancer registry services to Commission on Cancer standards, CHAMPS Oncology can develop the ideal solution for you. 

Meet Our Cancer Registry Consultants 

Our cancer registry consultants are seasoned speakers who present at conferences, state association meetings and for individual clients.

Cancer RegistryToni Hare
Vice President
Cancer Program Consultant
216.255.3716 • Email

CHAMPS Oncology's Executive Team

Cancer Registry
Dawn A. Grabowski 
Manager of Client Services
216.255.3771 • Email
Cancer Registry
Amber R. Gregg
Director of Analytics & Innovation
216.255.3768 • Email

Cancer Registry
Ilona Gyerman
Director of Data Quality
216.255.3748 • Email
CHAMPS Oncology's Amanda Harvey-McKee
Amanda Harvey-McKee
Manager of Client Services
216.255.3772 • Email

Cancer Registry
Karen Schmidt
Associate Vice President
216.255.3671 • Email

Cancer Registry
Loretta (Lori) Travers
Manager of Client Services
216.255.3745 • Email

CHAMPS Oncology's Laura Vondenhuevel
Laura Vondenhuevel
Manager of Client Services
216.255.3761 • Email
Amy Witzigreuter
Amy Witzigreuter
Director of Strategic Relationships
216.255.3593 • Email


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