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5 Tips for a Remote Interview

Posted By Laura Vondenhuevel | 6/22/2017

Have you ever considered consulting or contracting work as an alternative to a 9 to 5 office job? Often times you’re very first interaction with a potential employer will be a remote interview via the phone or WebEx.

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Cancer Registry Outsourcing. A Value-Multiplier Not a Substitute

Posted By Amy Witzigreuter | 6/15/2017

CHAMPS Oncology is in the business of cancer registry outsourcing. In fact, we pride ourselves on our multidisciplinary team approach to cancer registry outsourcing – centered on quality, analytics, compliance, efficiency and education for more than 40 years.

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Two Key Changes to the RQRS

Posted By Valerie Vesich | 6/1/2017

The RQRS has been available to all CoC-accredited cancer programs since September 2011, but recently changes have been announced regarding the system.

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“Why i2o®?” Answered by New Animated Video

Posted By Karen Schmidt | 5/25/2017

Our new animated video, Why i2o?, makes initial conversations about insight2oncology much easier.

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Meet May’s Registry Rock Star: Connie Hofmeister, CTR

Posted By CHAMPS Oncology | 5/18/2017

This month’s Registry Rock Star is Connie Hofmeister, CTR, cancer information specialist for CHAMPS Oncology.

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Meeting Preparation Tips from a Cancer Registrar

Posted By CHAMPS Oncology | 5/11/2017

Working in the cancer registry means some days I look up and realize the workday is over when it feels like I just got started! I am so busy tapping away at those keys, I always wish I had more time to polish my work and focus on meeting preparation.

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Cancer Research Hill Visit, AJCC Overview, Networking and More at NCRA

Posted By Dawn Grabowski | 5/4/2017

We discussed why cancer registrars are the key to cancer research, prevention and treatment; how existing central registries are the best avenue for cancer surveillance...

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Meet April’s Registry Rock Star: Megan Coriell, RHIA, CTR

Posted By CHAMPS Oncology | 4/20/2017

This month’s Registry Rock Star is Megan Coriell, RHIA, CTR, quality control specialist for CHAMPS Oncology.

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NCRW 2017 Message from CHAMPS Oncology

Posted By Toni Hare | 4/11/2017

NCRW 2017 has kicked off and we are celebrating all week long!

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Casefinding Audits – A Sneak Peek at My NCRA Presentation

Posted By Laura Vondenhuevel | 4/6/2017

Have you done an audit lately to assess how complete your hospital’s casefinding processes are? Or tried looking for some resources for hospital cancer registries to conduct casefinding audits?

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