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Why i2o®?

Discover the power of your cancer registry data through insight2oncology® (i2o®), CHAMPS Oncology's cloud-based analytics system that reveals insightful data about your cancer service line. Click below for a brief video introduction to i2o:

Still wondering why i2o might be right for you...

i2o Eliminates labor-intensive process of report generation and makes existing information more accessible.
i2o Analyzes and Interprets data in order to retain and attract patients, identify gaps and make decision with more information.
i2o Transforms cancer registry data into business intelligence for operations, finance and strategic planning.
i2o Integrates geographic information systems, illustrating spatial relationships and trends.
i2o Identifies cancer patient population as it relates to patient origin, payer mix, comorbidities, utilization, downstream and migration.
i2o Offers new perspective on the cancer service line’s market position.
Contact us to schedule a demo and learn how i2o can transform your cancer data into actionable information.