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Do You Know the VALUE of Your Cancer Registry?

Posted By Toni Hare | 1/17/2018

I've been putting the finishing touches on my ACE Annual Meeting presentation, Oncology 101: Understanding the Value of YOUR Cancer Registry.

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New Year, New Strategic Priorities for CHAMPS Oncology

Posted By Karen Schmidt | 1/4/2018

With the new year comes a new set of strategic priorities for CHAMPS Oncology.

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New SOC Code - One More Reason to Celebrate this Holiday Season!

Posted By Toni Hare | 12/20/2017

Watch our brief video to hear a special message from Toni Hare to all CTRs and CTR-eligible professionals regarding this new SOC code.

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Meet December’s Registry Rock Star: Julie Bell, CTR

Posted By CHAMPS Oncology | 12/15/2017

This month’s Registry Rock Star is Julie Bell, CTR, quality data specialist for CHAMPS Oncology.

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ACS Conference Key Takeaways: The Survivorship Care Plan

Posted By Valerie Vesich | 12/11/2017

Today, as a final installment in this series, I will focus on the survivorship care plan – which was a huge topic of discussion at this meeting. Specifically…

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Becoming a CTR – My Journey

Posted By CHAMPS Oncology | 11/30/2017

My journey to becoming a CTR may sound familiar. I was like so many others out there who knew nothing about a CTR or what it was.

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Meet November’s Registry Rock Star: Janice N. White, EdM, RHIA, CTR

Posted By CHAMPS Oncology | 11/14/2017

This month’s Registry Rock Star is Janice White, EdM, RHIA, CTR, cancer information specialist for CHAMPS Oncology.

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5-Point Checklist for a Smooth Accreditation Survey

Posted By Ilona Gyerman | 11/7/2017

As you may know or can imagine, the whole accreditation survey process is enough to keep you up at night. That’s where we come in…

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ACS Conference Key Takeaways: Staging in the Age of Personalized Medicine

Posted By Valerie Vesich | 11/3/2017

As a third post in this series, I thought I would devote a few paragraphs to the topic of staging in the age of personalized medicine - a buzz word I heard often as I mingled with other attendees at the conference.

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Screen for Breast Cancer – In October and All Year Long

Posted By Vontyna Smith | 10/30/2017

October is winding down, but I’m sure you still see signs of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, reminding you to regularly screen for breast cancer, whenever you leave the house.

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